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The 911 response center uses all the means at its disposal to respond to emergency calls from the public. However you can do your part by giving us additional information about your property and the occupants of your home, via the preformatted e-mail here.

The questions are designed to enable the emergency services to provide a more tailored service to you. The answers will be stored on a protected database inside the responder's center and not exposed to the Internet. This information is not shared with other government agencies.


Alternatively, we welcome the opportunity to have your group tour the 9-1-1 Center or to send a speaker to your location. Presentations may be scheduled during the day or evening hours. Speakers are availalbe at no cost to your organization. We have programs designed for all age groups with special gifts for the children. We have materials on hand that can be used during classroom instruction on showing children the proper use of 9-1-1. Please contact our Public Education Instructor, Brittney Bozman at 410-651-0707 or fill out the form below:

Public Education Materials/Outreach Form

Date ________________________

Name ______________________________ Title _____________________________

Organization __________________________________________________________

Shipping Address ______________________________________________________

City ________________________________ State _______ Zip Code _____________

Phone Number _____________________ Fax ________________________________

Describe Your Group: Describe Your Event: Target Audience:

______ Business

______ Child/Day Care

______ School

______ Civic Organization

______ Church

______ Other

______ Campaign

______ Community Event

______ Conference

______ Health Fair

______ Presentation

______ Project

______ Training

______ Other

______ Clients

______ Employees

______ General Public

______ Professionals

______ Seniors

______ Students (Pre/Elem/Mid/HS/Univ)

______ Other

Materials will only be distributed in the jurisdiction of Somerset County, Maryland.

Please fill out this section if you are conducting an event (Fair, Presentation, Training, etc).
Name of event ________________________________________________

Location of event ______________________________________________

Date of event ____________ Beginning Time ____________ Ending Time ____________

Number of Attendees ____________________________________________

Topic of Interest ________________________________________________

Services requested from our staff ____ Exhibit _____ Presentation _____Interview _____Other

Email this form to ems@somersetmd.us


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Last updated: 29 June 2018