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The Somerset County Department of Emergency Services has the mission of coordinating the resources necessary to respond to an emergency. On a daily basis this occurs through the 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Center. For large scale events the Emergency Operations Center coordinates emergency management services.

The Department of Emergency Services is the lead agency in Somerset County for emergency management planning, response, mitigation and recovery. This office is responsible for the Emergency Operations Center, the County Emergency Operations Center, the County Emergency Operations Plan, the Hazardous Materials Regulatory Program (Sara Title III and Community Right to Know Act of 1986 (EPCRA).


Somerset County has a Emergency Management Director, an Assistant Director and an Emergency Planner. This agency provides administrative support to the Somerset County Fireman's Association and the Local Emergency Planning Committee. This agency depends on volunteers from Fire, EMS, Amateur Radio (RACES), Red Cross and many other county and state agencies.

The Emergency Operations Center:

The EOC is located at 11916 Somerset Avenue, Room 120, Princess Anne, Maryland, 21853.

When the Emergency Operations Center is fully activated the EOC staff includes the Director of 911/Emergency Managment, County Commissioners President, County Administrator, and representatives from the school board, Health Department, Social Services, Law Enforcement, Public Works, County Roads, State Highway Administration, Red Cross, RACES, the United States Coast Guard, National Guard, Fire and EMS providers and many others.

Emergency Planning:

This office is responsible for coordinating disaster planning for all entities within the county. This includes maintaining the Emergency Operations Plan and related Emergency Support Functions which must be reviewed and updated annually. The Emergency Operations Plan must comply with standards set fourth by the Maryland Emergency Management Agency and FEMA.

Warning and Communication:

Somerset County has a population of approximately 26,500. It is the responsibility of this office to notify the citizens of impending danger for all types of hazards including hurricane, winter storms, hazardous materials incidents etc. This is done through local TV and radio stations, the Emergency Alert System, Emergency Notification System and the local newspapers.


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